3d rendered art

There's both reality and mystery in rendered art. Scenes may be photo-realistic, the 3d effect caused by the simulation of light and shadow, which the computer is adept at simulating. Sometimes 3d artists think of themselves as sculpturers, as players in geometry. Some work abstractly, others realistically. Perhaps the best 3d art explores the half-life between the real and the unreal.

Artists listed in alphabetical order.

Martinakis Adam
3D Architectural/Surreal

Chaim Ash
Small sculptures: A Pillar of Salt

Serdar Camlica
3d Fiction

Tiziana Ciaghi

Thomas Demuth
The Economy of Polygons

Michael Frank
Mental Landscape

Stefan Haberkorn
Aftertime 3D

Rob Hassan

Fernando Hocevar
Landscapes under the Hidden Moon

Yuri Kabisher

Gerhard Katterbauer
People and Places

Jawek Kwakman
3D: Radical Romantic

Danilo Lejardi
3D Surreal

Robert W. McGregor
On the Surreal Side

JR O'Brien
3D and photo-based

Umberto Oldani
3D Still Life

Vladimir Rankovic
Reproductions of Nonexistent Paintings

Kees Roobol
Realism: Country Scenes

Helga Schmitt
Creative Dreaming

Amichai Shavit
Geometric Abstracts

Robert Sharo
3D Candy

Gilles Tran
Oyonale: 3D

Teun van der Zalm
3D Particles

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