A Pillar of Salt
Chaim Ash
The Series: 25 Firstborns
(1 of 12)

Chaim Ash was born in Kishinev, Moldava, and graduated from the architectural faculty in Voronez, Russia. He is today an architect in Natanya, Israel, where he lives with his wife and two children. He says, "In my art I'm trying to awake a spectator's imagination with minimum means, like a man can describe a woman's figure with only one wave of his hand."

These figures are all based on a single digital "sculpture" created in 3D Max. They are then rotated in the program, and the rotation then captured in what the artist calls an "action." Hence, the designation Act in the titles. He calls his figures Firstborns, eleven of which are included here, all from a series called A Pillar of Salt. They appear as thumbnails in the image above, and in full size on the following pages. He says his titles are only a hint of what he had in mind when he conceived the series.

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