James Allen

James Allen is a British surrealist / gothic artist based at Sao Paulo - Brazil / London - UK.

James Allen was born at Belfast - Northern Ireland - 1968.

He is primarily a painter, illustrator, glass artist, digital artist and doll maker.

The themes of his work include childhood, innocence, death, life, God, decay, rebirth, mysticism, religion,
historic language of symbolic imagery, classical meaning behind the objects and animals are represented in his work.
The balance of good and evil, positive and negative, an aura of the unknown and mysticism are always present in his work.

A dark mixture of innocence and the shadow side of life.
There is a certain unnerving element to James work that evokes that feeling you get when you know something is not quite right
expresses the inner self and the shadow realms many ignore in the human being.

James Allen's AutoGallery exhibit