Reviews, critiques, essays

Here are interesting and insightful reviews, critiques, essays and articles on digital art, written by MOCA staff or commissioned by MOCA. These articles are intended for a general audience. MOCA expects that its commentary on digital art is free of academic jargon and intellectual pretense.

That Necessary Little Evil
The Artist's Statement
by JD Jarvis

Digital Art and Divination
If This, Then That
by JD Jarvis

On False Color Images
There's more to color than meets the eye
by Randy Morris

Five Blind Men and the Elephant
What Is Art?
by H. Gay Allen

Are You Nutz
What Makes You Click?
by H. Gay Allen

Blog Report
Big Shots Ignore Columnist. World Stunned!
or: Yo, what's up with digital?

by Bruce Price

Promise, Paradox and Opportunity
an essay
by John Holloway

John Antoine Labadie writes on digital art

The Digital Past Speaks to the Digital Present--and Future
a commentary

The New Media Soup
Some thoughts on newer technologies and the visual arts

Printmaking: traditions and new trends
A dialogue

Printmaking: a digital perspective

Some thoughts on IT in 2001:  in the arts...and beyond

An email correspondance
JD Jarvis and John Antoine Labadie
Digital art, where art thou?

A Master's Thesis
by Mamta B. Herland
Internet and the New Web Art

Don Archer reviews
two NYC digital art shows

Digital: Printmaking Now
at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

New York Digital Salon: selected works
at the Corning Gallery at Steuben

JD Jarvis, MOCA contributing editor, on digital art

New Markets for Digital Art
Exploring the promise of new markets for digital art
by JD Jarvis

Going Digital
The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists
The Velocity of Imagination
Book excerpt

by JD Jarvis

The New Media Challenge
an essay: art, entertainment or design

by JD Jarvis

What do digital artists do: Photo, paint and print
a commentary

by JD Jarvis

Toward a Digital Aesthetic
an essay

by JD Jarvis

Review of current MOCA exhibits
by JD Jarvis

An Art Lover's Guide to Digital Art
Essay and tour by JD Jarvis
Read the essay
and take
the MOCA tour

A Digital Artist's Journal
by JD Jarvis
From the Box Up
Life with a new printer

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