Fred Rowley

Fred Rowley started learning photography when he was eight. At age eleven his family sent him to Albright Art School. He studied advertising arts in High School and then enrolled as a photography major at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Following R.I.T. Rowley began a career in visual media. Early on he made 16mm films, many of them while traveling in Europe. When personal computers appeared, he wrote a book using an Osborne computer and soon found himself learning to program. He later became a database applications developer and worked in this capacity at several large websites in New York City. At that point, he remembered how satisfying it was to travel with camera, taking pictures, if only for the pleasure of it. That's when he started making digital compositions and visual expressions from his travel photos in earnest.

Pictures in this set, "Cocoa Splash" are digital sketches from photos taken on a visit to Cocoa Beach, Florida, in 2012. Hurricane Sandy was blowing off the Georgia coast, about 400 miles away. The resulting surf of the Atlantic was quite choppy. Red flags were posted all along the Florida shore. Nonetheless, seemingly everybody owning a swimsuit turned out that day to enjoy the spray. Cocoa Beach is a spontaneous place. And like these impressions, that bustling beach village is not one bit less exaggerated.

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