MOCA welcomes submission of your still art. Our galleries are free. There are no membership or registration requirements, and there is no charge for inclusion in our exhibits. We welcome almost any style of art or photography so long as the artist employs some level of digital input or technique. Standards of good taste are enforced. To submit a video, click upload video.

All still art is posted to AutoGallery 2014, and may then be copied by our curators to another gallery as warranted.

MOCA maintains the following online galleries:

You may upload up to 12 images to our AutoGallery 2014 via the form below.

Image files uploaded here must include your name. So if your name is John Doe and your image is named Flower01.jpg, then your image must be uploaded as John Doe_Flower01.jpg and will appear online as "Flower01". Images posted to Autogallery 2014 are automatically titled with the filename you entered with the .jpg (and your name) stripped out. It's not rocket science so please get it right! Your name as artist appears in the header.

You will also have the opportunity to add a biographical note and curriculum vitae, make a brief comment on your art and technique, and include your website address.

You may use this form only once. So before you upload it is important to decide what images and how many (up to 12) you want to submit.

Maximum upload size 300 kilobytes per image.

Maximum width per image 600 pixels.

Maximum height per image 800 pixels.

JPG format only. Thanks!

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Please wait patiently for your file(s) to be transmitted.

You will be advised of a successful transmission.

If you are having submission problems, write:
for instructions on submitting images by email attachment.

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