Raya Grinberg

Raya Grinberg was first exposed to the world of art after experiencing the world of alternative medicine, including different spiritual lives, and exploring the world, travelling to all different unusual places around the globe.

She then began her journey into computers, software, and painting, using her creativity and imagination, generating her wonderland. She took a few courses in computers and painting for professionals, and found herself sitting in front of her own home computer, creating the new world through her eyes, vision and imagination taking the observer into new countries.

The exceptional combination of love, nature and our surroundings, with imagination, integrated with charm and beauty, are the core structure of the entirety of art. All together, embroidered with ideas, techniques and different software, Grinberg's artworks are well shaped, giving the observers the feeling of the fantasy, allowing them to float with imagination.

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Raya Grinberg's AutoGallery exhibit