Yongning Qian

Born in Shanghai in November 1968
Lecturer, Shanghai University of Engineering College of Art and Design
Member of Shanghai Artists Association
In recent years, photography ?Chinese Photographer? magazine "Chinese Art" and other periodicals column introduced and a number of photography, paintings collected by the museum and the community

2012_State 19, won the Director Award, the "simply" Photographic Art in the Center for Fine Art Photography (United States - Fort Collins)
2001_Plateau Autumn, was "to celebrate the 80th anniversary - Art Exhibition", "third" (Shanghai Art Museum)
2000_Plateau Autumn, won the 2000 Watercolor and Pastel Exhibition "Outstanding Award" (Shanghai Artists Association)
1992_Wind, won the Second National Watercolor Exhibition "Outstanding Award" (Chinese Artists Association)
1990_Noon, won the prize of "Chinese watercolor painting festival" Golden Horse" (Zhejiang Artists Association, China Academy of Art)

Solo Exhibitions
2011.11 "Very City" Qian Yongning Image Exhibition (Shanghai Hongqiao Museum of Contemporary Art)
2011.10 "Very City" Qian Yongning Image Exhibition (Shanghai M50, MEAO Art Space)

Group Exhibitions
State 19, June 2012 to participate in The Center for Fine Art Photography organized by the "simply" Photographic Art, and won the "Director Award" (United States - Fort Collins)
Shadow of the Tree, May 2012 to participate in the Black Box Gallery "Black & White: the Picture the Show" Group Exhibition (United States - Portland, Oregon)
Visual 066, June 2012 to participate in the British Touring Exhibition "200 FACES", (London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and many more cities)
April 2012, to participate in the 1st International, Photo Competition "the Streets 2012" (Macedonia)
2011, to participate in the 2011 2nd photography exhibition "Man and Work" (Serbia)

Other Exhibitions
2011 _2011 Design Exhibition (Shanghai Expo Center)
2009 _ the 11th National Art Exhibition (Shenzhen Guanshanyue Art Museum)

Works of interpretation
Camera to record the objective world and also recorded the subjective world, even after post-processing, has been more than just eye sees, and the true feelings of the soul, which is what I need the real world!

Hazy poetic, sentimental and elegant.

I am in the exploration of the intellectual, spiritual and emotional world.
Perhaps this is the way I see the world, I hope we can with me, take a look at all of this, to think, to sentiment, and concerned about all this ...

Borrow the words of Balthus, "I'm always looking, but always dissatisfied".

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