Nicholas McCumber

From the artist's journal:

"I don't know what a Digit will look like until it is made. Indeed, it is the perfect abstraction because the clues are from different times and places and even, potentially, people. But also, the clues are combined in the minds of the observers, bringing the life experiences of other people into the creation process.

"There is no way in Hell that other people can know what is going on in other people's minds; let alone in Heaven! Maybe that is what we must do; learn to think proper and kind thoughts that won't offend others.

"There is the foundation image - that can be anything. Then others add their images. These additions can be anything, but are limited to 2. After that the images become too hard to view."

From a later journal entry:

"Man is feeling overwhelmed by technology. Man is unable to put the human experience into the technology. That is wherre my Digits come to save the day. The final Digits are extant only in the observer's mind. The go on a long trail. They start with the taking of an image. That can be by any one any place at anytime.

"It just occured to me....the image is what creates the Digit; the idea is what creates the image; 'countries' are created by ideas; cultures are created by ideas; politics is old fashioned; minds are created by computers and computers are created by minds from all different cultures; people anywhere on the globe may have the same thoughts; they express them differently; Digits allow people to express their thoughts collectively no matter what or where they are; similar thoughts, not how one holds one's wine glass, are what make cultures in the new era, new times, politics is obsolete. The Renga Gallery is where the new cultures must begin. People from around the globe must use Renga Gallery to make their new countries. Other planets can create and use Renga Galleries. We have discovered a new world; we are able to hold onto thoughts...hold onto should not be interpreted to mean something the least bit static or solid anymore. Ideas like Digits must change between people and people must recognize and allow to happen these differences. Humanity 'need not fear' extinction - only accept rebirth with caution so that it may happen smoothly and enter into another form of existence: one that is based in Love and not based in Power. Yes, I mean all sentient beings, everywhere, will be reborn when they accept the greatness within. Imagine, interplanetary Renga Galleries popping up around the Universe - what a use of the idea - and what is the 'idea'? Is an 'idea' only something expressed in 26 letters? Are there other ways of knowing that extend beyond an alphabet? There must be and I propose the universe could not exist unless there were."

Nicholas McCumber's AutoGallery 2011 exhibit

Nicholas McCumber's AutoGallery 2012 exhibit