Christopher M

"I am Christopher and I was born in 1962 in Palakkad, Kerala. You could say I am a self taught artist. As a young school boy, I remember paying more attention to letters, pencil sketches, water colors and illustrations than studies! Later I moved to dabbling in oil paintings on canvas. Working with technology became a necessity in my advertising profession. A blessing in disguise as this eventually led to my being drawn into the extraordinary world of digital art.

"I am a professional Art Director and offer consultation to an ad agency and also freelance as a designer. Bangalore has been my home for the last 25 years.

"I'd like to introduce you to a new world of art. It's called Digital Art. So, what is Digital Art? It's a happy marriage between art, as we all know it, and technology by way of computers. Simply put, it is art where the brush and conventional paints are replaced by the ubiquitous computer mouse!

"So the artist simply uses digital technology to create images that are born inside his mind. However, while digital art almost seems magical, it is not something that emerges automatically at the press of a button! It takes hours of work to complete a piece of art, just as conventional painting does. The artist has to put in the time to conceptualize the idea and develop a working sketch of the concept before digitizing it. So the only real difference is in the execution. And of course, the other big difference is in the longevity of art. Digital prints are taken on several media? I choose canvas so that the painting looks very much like it's supposed to. And because it is printed out using high resolution digital technology, the painting looks good as new for several years? much longer than a watercolor or an oil painting, for example. "The software I use here is Adobe Photoshop. But all the thinking is mine alone. It's taken me hundreds of hours to create the collection you now see here."

Christopher M's AutoGallery exhibit