Na'ama Zussman

Na'ama Zussman comments: The porcelain slip which creates the surface, by its existence and in constant need, enables the appearance of the image.

The image, an entity without a body, a verb and an object, depends on the surface for its existence. Once the surface desists, the image vanishes.

As it appears, from this doctrine of relation, it is not a one which expresses hierarchy of a surface on an image, and vice verse, of an image on a surface. And if we resemble it to the syntax doctrine, then the surface is a verb and an object, so as the image. And more, the surface is the active and passive, so as the image.

Hence, persist and restlessness synesthetic prism - physical implication of the interaction between a surface & an image - is produced, through which, persist and restlessness discourse between memory & reality is shown. In parallel, obviously, to the constant synesthetic discourse between the work and its viewer. In this discourse, due to the lack of hierarchy and syntax absolutecy (that on a daily base does point hierarchy), instability been formed.

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