Ferdinando Sorbo

Ferdinando Sorbo comments: "works created with the software CHAOSCOPE G.I.M.P. AND PAINTNET .... experiment for many years with both the PC with the sound .... with digital images that possess a very specific ... I'm self-taught, and I consider art as a quest for transcendence from the visible reality ...... abstraction seemed the most visionary art form, why do not merely imitate nature ...... but with the help of teckno which is the science and art, unfolding the potential of being the same .. ... the art is of particular and universal union that bottle of symmetrical and asymmetrical generate beauty ..... it is in the making, but at the same time the same, describing the same thing but in a new and different ways to do this is to use the technology of his time, his goal is the fulfillment of the spirit through the temporal becoming of sensi.attraverso teckno, it reveals the truth of Being (Heidegger), which is done through a technical development and anthropological (m . coast)"

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