Axel Saffran

Axel Saffran is a Dutch digital collage artist, who works in two themes, which he calls "Elements" and "Beings".

These themes form the conceptual spaces in which his surrealistic compositions emerge, in a process that he only partially plans and steers.

He says: "Along the way I start to recognize more and more autobiographical threads, blended with references to large scale phenomena in a way that makes it hard to tell them apart. The analogies that can be recognized between the various levels of reality, are the most beautiful things that I know of. They are the things that I see emerging, in a process that can be really hard work...and they make it completely worth all the effort."

On Saffran's website you can view larger versions of all images and zoom in on them.

Axel Saffran's art on the Web

Axel Saffran's AutoGallery exhibit