Nicholas McCumber

What makes a Digit?

The clues of course. But other, not so obvious things as well.

There's the opacity between the layers of the images - AKA 'clues'. This causes the flow between moments - clues. That causes the interchange of ideas. These items create the motion of the digit.

The clues are more than just solitary moments, taken at different times and places and, even, different people. That people are able to connect these distant moments triggers the imagination and induces people to make connections between the Digits and their own experiences in life.

There is the combination and how items are brought together. Clues are quite different. Different moments in time, places and people. Yet clues are brought together, ultimately by people, to remind us that we are all one unit.

It might be said Digits are like life. Life is a combination of moments. Whether one god is, in fact, superior, is irrelevant. The fact these moments are re-lived and how so is what's important.

And when most but not everything repeats, something that happens so often in history, as tho testing out the elements of life to see what would happen, can something be claimed to be a repeated event? Does anything ever repeat itself exactly?

When you compare the times on this document, you'll find yourself going backward. That is not accidental. I think one can travel in time. One must first teach oneself how.

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