LexSpex Studios

LexSpex Studios is the artistic collaboration of German digital visualist Lexia Marie and American author/artist Craig Spector. Founded in Fall 2010, LexSpex Studios is committed to the exploration of art through digital photographic mutation and manipulation.

One aspect of the LexSpex visual philosophy is re-imagining ordinary images. An original source photo is taken, then altered through a variety of digital imaging softwares until something wholly unique emerges.

It's all about discovering the extraordinary in ordinary. Transforming real into unreal. Revealing hidden vistas in everyday scenes. Exploring new dimensions of our outer and inner worlds.

LexSpex creates works of wonder, beauty, humor, pathos, horror, and just plain weirdness in postmodern 21st century expression. Their slogan, "Zwei Doofe, Ein Gedanke", is a common German expression roughly translated to Two Fools, One Idea. It's as good an explanation as any.

This is LexSpex: Art with an Attitude.

LexSpex Studios' art on the Web

LexSpex Studios' AutoGallery exhibit