Shoshanna Givon

I was born in 1950. In the beginning I taught Geography but art was always present in the background. In 1977, we established the village Kefar - Rut and I worked in agriculture. Having returned to teaching in 1987, I started studying art at an Art College in Ramat Hasharon, specializing in printing and photography.

When I first began teaching art, I was simultaneosly receiving teacher training and beginning to create and develop my own body of work. Over the years in the workshop of the College of the Arts, I have created collections shown in 4 individual and 9 group exhibits.

My works make use of photography, etching and screen printing with different materials as a base. A significant part of my work is monotype variations of a single image as well as small series of etchings. I treat different images with differing textures and shapes, pulled from my visual conscience which is influenced by the surroundings in which I flourish and live. The works are characterized by dense textures ľand carpets which flicker and assimilate different images.

The issues I deal with move between the personal and the general. Trying to capture the likeness of my daughter is personal, yet it relates to pain in general as well. Focusing on my Mother seems to be personal yet it speaks of identity and memory. I have taken the Cypress from our communal view and have appropriated it as my own, giving it a whole new appearance in the process.

The works are an expression of the Israeli experience. East and West are melded into my works and are expressed through their unique nature.

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