Bernd Dreilich

I began with surreal arts and photomanipulations years ago and was deeply fascinated by the images of Werner Hornung here at MOCA. My first humble efforts where miserable and even today at times the outcomes of my images frustrate me. But the most facinating and fulfilling thing about creating digital collages and surreal art is when, during the working process, the juxtaposition of two different images begin to work and in some way "speak" to me. I always enjoy the flow as I discover where I will end up with my images and what they mean to me. So itīs truly a subconscious method I have discovered and a personal experience for me in which I "search" for the hidden parts of my soul and bring them up to the surface. I often use nakedness in my images. And for me this is not meant as a sexual expression. For me itīs a metaphor showing the vulnerability of the soul, human emotions and the drama that lies in the nature of "being". Two years ago I made friends with two wonderful surreal artist through the internet: Gromyko Semper from the Philipines and Hector Pineda from Mexico. And the most challenging thing Iīve ever done is to work with both and do what is called "exquisite corpse". This is a method of surreal artists that is used for collaboration. So you can say our images have gone 3 times around the world before they are finished. And even though we live thousands of miles away in a globalized world that gets harder to understand every day...we feel very close to each other as artists and human beings.

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