Saleh Ashumov

"The metaphysical themes or harmony, through which artists attempt to bring peoples' attention to the thoughts of eternity is the essence of each artwork and through symbols and pure harmony we're told about other type of life - spiritual, other dimensions, that nowadays officially are being discussed even by scientists. I consider our life on Earth the attempt to go through transition into the other dimensions that are hidden from us, not physically of course, but using some fragile and on the other hand powerful instrument which we call our soul we can come to the timeless state of pure happiness when you're not being brought down by some dark forces like your ego, or your desires, or your regrets and you start to fly in the sky like a light breeze and become as transparent as air, because your soul is free now... but but, but, but ,but but there's a trick to that - don't get me wrong here. This is not LSD or Heroin. The only way to come to that state of mind is through your everyday life, through the routine of everyday communication with others, through negative moments, that you correct in to positive, through good relations that you create with others, even those you think you don't like, cause it's an illusion you don't dislike no one, and no one dislikes you...

"Now, let's look at the pictures, not from the angle of aesthetics or how it's done by me, but from the deeper angle, the angle of symbolism that leads us in to the world of a man and a woman, which is the actual core of the idea of loneliness and separation from their highest mission and harmony. By separating from each other they plunge themselves in to the river of dark forces. They start to live by illusions and idealisations and miss their chance of becoming happy. Let's get deeper into the world, that exists, no matter what. It looks very subtle on the outside, but to those truly devoted It opens up in it's full power and allows them to penetrate it..."

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