Michael Setter

These digital images are created to serve two distinct purposes: first to elicit a response from the viewer, and second, to assist the viewer in recognizing the mechanism which determined that response.

With very few exceptions, these images are merely fractal patterns, not photographs, drawings, conventional abstractions or representations of any kind, they are not the product of feeling sensitivity, bearers of information about the natural world, reflectons of ideas, examples of style, or meaningful in any way. Yet the viewer often responds as if they were. And that is the point. How easily these "no-things" are seen or felt as "somethings". Faces, environments, landscapes, I like it, I hate it, boring and so forth.

Thus, if the viewer is so inclined, these images may both serve the decorative purposes of art and as visual koans, a reminder to feel, observe, understand and exceed the (mind made) illusion of "separate self" and "things".

Michael Setter's AutoGallery exhibit