Debi Peralta

Debi Peralta is a digital artist living and working in the beautiful Wasatch Mountain region of the western United States. She has been designing with digital media for the past decade and recently hit the information superhighway with her digital art (May 2009). In addition to frequent features and awards by artist peer groups, online art magazines and art bloggers, she recently received an Award for Excellence in Digital Art at the Solo Online Juried Invitational Exhibition (August 2010) and an honorable mention in the 2nd Anniversary Exhibit at the Museum of Computer Art in Brooklyn, New York (September 2010).

Her art is influenced by Georgia O'Keeffe and, to some degree, Wassily Kandinsky. Her tool is a fractal program called Apophysis (7X version).

"I try to take a slight departure from the usual, chrome-and-light-against-a-dark-background kind of fractal work that comes to familiarity with most fractal fans," Peralta says of her work.

"I am inspired and influenced by the changes in the seasons -- everything from a blossom in the garden to the clouds in the sky and a bird in flight. My relationship to society and world events is sometimes evident in my work as well."

Her collection can be viewed by visiting her collection at RedBubble ( Collectors interested in limited edition prints on float-mounted sheet metal are welcome to contact her.

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