Armand Munera

"I do all of my work on the computer using a tablet. I will sometimes give in to using a part of a photograph, but I mostly draw from memory. I am passionate about culture and believe man to be its center, hence I am a figurative painter. I was trained in graphic arts way back at the beginning of conscious life, but have always been addicted to painting. Digital art, as some have already discussed, is a wonderful tool to paint and create things with. What would Goya or Rembrandt do with it if they were alive today? We all try to visualize it in someway.

"I believe that in digital art there is a form and a content that need to be developed. Both should work together as they do in oriental prints or in the work of the great engravers. It is ultimately about where you are going to put it, on paper or on a screen. Personally I am looking to print it; thus the paper substrate plays a very important part in how I work. I am looking to have my images play with the paper I print on, so the mix between drawing and painting with a splash of photos."

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