Bedros Magardichian

Digital Painting is the act of painting using traditional methods executed through a digital medium. Paints, brushes, and other tools are simulated using software on a computer. The methods of applying them in creating sketches, drawings, and paintings are no different than using their real counterparts.

The computer used to create the featured paintings is an HPTC 4200 Tablet PC. It is a regular laptop computer, but with a reverse fold down monitor that allows for drawing directly on the screen with a stylus. The screen features a 1024x768 pixel resolution within a 12.1 inch physical diameter. The stylus is a specially-designed magnetic device. The stylus is detected by the screen when it hovers over the screen to move the mouse pointer and when it touches the screen to execute clicks. When drawing with the stylus on the screen, it is important for the hardware to be accurately calibrated. There are also some challenges that must be overcome, such as accounting for the offset caused by the thickness of the screen’s glass and magnetic distortion from the underlying hardware components.

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