Des Kilfeather

"A recurrent theme in Des Kilfeather's art is the poetic exploration of greed, power, ambition, jealousy, apathy and love.

"Starkly and dramatically contrasting personal experiences inform Des' work. These experiences are the main source of inspiration for the expression of doubt and optimism in his paintings. Working with oil, ink, watercolour, etched copper plate, camera and ever increasingly computer, Des says he is continuously striving to find his own aesthetic; stripping back layers of inconsequential distractions, forever hopeful that underneath lies a beautiful answer.

"Des studied photography at the University of Brighton and aesthetics, painting and drawing at the Edward James Trust's West Dean College. He holds a University of Sussex Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts.

"Most recently Des has been exploring the ipod and its use as a medium for the creation of drawings both from life and television broadcasts. His latest submission to MOCA includes a series of drawings made directly on the ipod touch. He will be further exploring the use of ipod and a graphics tablet in making drawings and the potential use of these in the development of new oil paintings."

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