Jean Gugliuzza

Stone Angels
My Stone Angel project was developed out of a fascination of the beautiful angel statuary and the history found in cemeteries. Most of the older statuary has significant deterioration from the elements and much of the beautiful details have been lost. My art, I hope, will digitally preserve the beauty of the talented hands that shaped them.

It was a challenge to create pieces of art that would preserve the image of the statuary but have a less intimidating background that did not alter the dignity or reverence that they represent. My art reflects my belief in angels being messengers of God, each piece is meant to bring a statement of hope, joy and peace or a warning for repentance or judgment. I seek to echo the variations in the way angels are perceived, with wings, without wing; somber, sensual, feminine or masculine.

My artwork is a combination of my own photography and digital software. When I begin a project I do not always have a complete look in mind. The use of these methods allows me to let the artwork develop. It gives me the ability to change or manipulate key details quickly. This is very exciting and many times produces a unique effect that becomes the final art.

My Abstracts resulted from my desire to also show other aspects in our lives other then religion. I let the media lead the mood of its creation, from very dark to the surreal. The foundation of my art is captured in the first moments and then I add or subtract elements until I get the feeling of completion of the piece. As with all my art, I start with only the inspiration to create.

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