Kenneth Gould

"Born: Boston Mass.

"As an adolescent my creative endeavors in music, photography and then architectural school where encouraged by family art karma. During the last year of architectural school I received a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute to study sculpture and, as a minor, painting. Once finishing the SFAI I moved back to Boston and soon after won the International Tiffany Award for Sculpture. This award was the motivation that moved me to SoHo-NY to live in artist's paradise. A story is told that not long after my move to SoHo on a quiet studio morning and in a meditative state of mind, a slow breath took me through the rabbit hole into the world of digital technology, a place where I envisioned the earth turn on its axis shifting into the twenty-first century. This understanding of nature's universal creative power is what I want to share, a reflection through space, form and color."

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