Shin Fujiwara

"These pictures are mathematically composed. The entire field can be provided for and be ordered by one structure. First of all, the starting point is (X1,Y1) that lines up regularly on the field. The equation of which two variables are the coordinates A(X1,Y1) is made, and coordinates B(X2,Y2) that become terminals are calculated. As a result, it sets the length and the direction of segment AB.

"The structure of the screen is made based on 'Spiral'. It can be said that 'Circle' is the shape that shuts and remains steady while keeping rotating and keeping a constant distance from the center, while 'Spiral' is an opened shape which involves the movement and the changes with a radial vector from the center in addition to the rotation. Therefore, the shape that appears on the field also shows various changes by giving various changes to the structure of this 'Spiral'". Shin Fujiwara's art on the Web

Shin Fujiwara's AutoGallery exhibit