Ursula Freer

I was born in Poland in 1933 and spent my childhood as a refugee in Europe during World War II. After the war, as a teenager I immigrated to the US.

While raising four children and working at non art related jobs I devoted my free time to studying with master painters one on one, as well as attending college level art instruction, always choosing tutors whose work I admired.

Since coming to the US I have lived in Chicago, Woodstock NY and San Diego, CA. I now live with my writer husband in Santa Fe, NM.

My background is in psychology, science and art. But the most valuable education I received has been from artists/teachers I admired and sought out as mentors outside the academic arena, where tutoring was one on one, reminiscent of the old apprenticeship mode.

Years of drawing, Chinese brush painting, watercolor painting and collage had been spent under such experienced tutelage.

The digital medium allows me to create complex detailed images which I am unable to achieve with a paintbrush. This had been a goal but also a frustration with some of my previous work; the brush was often not the right tool to achieve the subtleties I wanted to attain.

I enjoy the spontaneity and interaction with the software as the image emerges from this collaboration. The computer programs serve up surprising unique twists of the image encouraging further experimentation.

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