"You can enter the world of fractals using the graphically represented results of equations based on complex numbers, used in an iterative way as positive feedback loops so that the output is fed back into the system as new input again and again. The results reveal new structures. Structures that can be isolated for further processing. It's my intention to discover and explore the universal beauty of those structures, to share it and to give its immaterial appearance a material manifestation eliciting mind behind cosmic geometry, the basic principles of creation.

"The digital artist r.t.ficial is a hybrid being (cyborg) consisting of a human and a technological creator. The human part is represented by Peter Ludwig Wegener (born 1949 in Luebeck, Germany), the artificial part by a computer, not a tool in a traditional manner like brush or palette but irreplaceable partner and what is more integral element of r.t.ficial as an artistic individuality."

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