Dominique Brunzlik

Dominique Brunzlik, a German artist of Czech, Bohemian, Frisian and Indian descent, was born 1963 in Munich/Germany (father professional photographer and mother mannequin). Started painting as a child and concentrated on various techniques of figurative and abstract painting. Also has been photographing since youth. Educated mulifarious through life, always had a restless mind and searched for new facet of life. This influenced art techniques and expression.

With "Paradiso Figurale" (created in early 2010), the artwork of Dominique Brunzlik is presented first time to a wider public.

Paradiso Figurale - painting meets photo art.

Figurative photos are digitally metamorphosed in new worlds of images, reflecting the permanent alteration and dynamics of existence:
"Nothing is permanent except change"

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Dominique Brunzlik's AutoGallery exhibit