Carole K. Boyd

"Touted as an emerging artist in the field of Digital Painting and featured by the California Magazine, Horses In Art, Carole K. Boyd's art is created on the computer but is entirely hand-painted starting with a blank screen and applying paint or pencil. Carole creates her paintings and drawings using the Microsoft Paint program and a mouse, using only a paintbrush, a pencil, a spray can, a fill can and a palette of colors which she mixes.

"Her paintings are not altered, manipulated or painted photographs, nor are filters used to create textures. This makes her work unique in the field of digital fine art. Her art works include drawings, humorous illustrations, greeting cards, and detailed paintings in various forms of impressionism and realism. A diversified artist, Carole's subjects range from animals, landscapes and still life to Native American themes.

"Her art has been accepted into juried competitions and sold throughout the United States. Carole is represented by River's Edge Gallery in Kerrville, Texas, where many of her paintings are displayed."

Carole K. Boyd's website

Carole K. Boyd's AutoGallery exhibit