Steven A. Bove

"Where form follows function the fine art of creating becomes a sojourn thru unseen images built upon traditional foundations and strict mathematical structure. My approach is not with the intension to evoke specific statements but to follow the ebb and flow of a truly provocative process.

"My work frequently focuses on the complex dynamics that form and mold us. I am interested in examining those emotions. As a visual artist, I have chosen to set aside the brush and pencil and embrace the digital realm to sketch and explore, to probe the uniquely personal universal dynamic experiences. The pieces portray the repetitive patterns of dynamic interactive behavior. Images withdrawn from within the Chaos are drawn from experiences, icons and recent personal experiences and an awareness of life.

"My work brings together the dynamics of our contemporary experience. Shapes gather together and hold the potential for confrontation and emotion. Limited edition hand painted prints, woven through layers of artificial pigment, accentuates the experience. The abstract nature of the subject matter is at times refuted by the gestures or the colors within, while sharing the same physical space; the shapes appear lost in their own separate worlds.

"I have felt an urgent need to understand, recognize and learn from artists who came before me. It is in this enigma that I continue my search."

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