H. Gay Allen

Artists Statement and Photographic Refacimento

My work is an extension of my deep personal regard for life and art. I am often moved by objects and events that most people would overlook. It is the unique patterns; the strange juxtapositions; and bizarre contrasts of life and nature that inspire me. So, in the derivative works, which I create from my original photography, I go beyond reality, reaching for that which will inspire this same awe and delight in others.

My approach is to follow the traditional principles of both photographic and conventional fine arts so that the work maintains a foundation of excellence. However, by utilizing new tools and developing my own digital techniques, I am exploring and refining new creative territory.

Photographers and artists, myself included, have sought to do this with the equipment and skills of the past, but generally the goal was to replicate, as close as possible, the original scene. I use the computer to alter the architecture of reality; paint with the extremes of color; create movement and flow; and isolate and focus the viewer"s mind. Various unique presentation methods allow the final result to further showcase the work.

Some works are recognizable as the original objects; some are mysteriously familiar, but not readily identifiable; some are more, but not totally, abstract; and others have been taken beyond recognizable images to the impressionistic, or surreal. Remember, "A rose is a rose," only if you stick to your preconceived ideas.

I have dubbed this new art form "Photographic Refacimento," (pronounced ree-FATCH-i-men-toe.) The term was first used by William Safire, in On Language, NY Times Magazine, 02-15-09, and is defined as "the radical refashioning of a work of art, often by computer."

I recently presented a talk to 100 members of the Southeastern Photography Society and was introduced as "a driving force behind the emerging digital/computer art scene." A fitting tribute to the journey I've been taking for the last six years.

Copyright by H. Gay Allen, 2013




Photographic Refacimento

Resume of

H. Gay Allen

Combining art education, professional photography experience and computer skills




        BODY DOUBLE, Honorable Mention, Southeastern Photography Society, September, 2012

        ALTER EGOS, Honorable Mention, Atlanta Artists Center/Binders, August, 2012

        STONE FLOWER, Honorable Mention, Bows ArtSS Bash, Sandy Springs GA, 2012

        ANNA"S LIGHT DISPLAY, Honorable Mention, Southeastern Photography Society, 2012

        PUMP IT, First Place, Southeastern Photography Society, Sun & Shadows, 2011

        IRISTOCRATIC, First Place, Dunwoody Fine Arts Association, 2011

        LILY PORTRAIT, First Place, Southeastern Photography Society, Flowers Competition, 2011

        PEONYGAZER, Merit Award for Artistic Excellence, AAC Photographic Celebration, 2011, Judged by Mark Karelson, Mason Murer Gallery

        PRIMAMATERIA, Honorable Mention, AAC Fall Drama, October, 2011

        PERCEPTIVE CAT, Second Place, Dunwoody Fine Arts, Art To Inspire, 2011

        ONYXEYE, Honorable Mention, June, 2011, Atlanta Artists Center

        MINGOLING, Honorable Mention, Cash Award, Atlanta Artists Center (AAC) Dogwood Show, judged by Alan Avery, Alan Avery Art Co., two images chosen, 2010

        Juried into the 2010 Worldwide MOCANET, a listing of digital artists who, through their presence on the internet, meet the worldwide standards of The Museum of Computer Art. This select group is chosen based on their artistry; innovation(s) in the use of digital technology; and their individual web presence.

        SLURP "N POOF, Merit Award, First Annual Georgia Photography Show, juried, Gallery at Paper Mill Village, three images, 2010

        SKELETONS, Honorable Mention, AAC Photographic Celebration, 2010, juried by Katheryn Kolb, Executive Director of Serenbe Photography Center

        ALILI, Honorable Mention, AAC, Through the Looking Glass, judged by Tony Casadonte, Lumiere Gallery, three images chosen, 2009

        PEONYLIGHT, First Place, AAC Juried Photography Show, Seeing the Light, 2008

        DILLARDSUN, Award of Excellence (top 5% of thousands,) Photographer"s Forum Magazine 27th International Best of Photography Annual, 2007



        One-woman show, Physiotherapy Associates offices, Dunwoody, GA, Dunwoody Fine Arts Celebration,2012

        One-woman show, Offices of Preluck and Nordonne, Dunwoody, GA, February through July, 2011

        One-woman show, MOSTLY BLACK & WHITE, Defoor Gallery, Atlanta GA, January through April, 2011

        One-woman show, PAINTERLY REFACIMENTO & 4 STUDIES, Smyrna Library Gallery, Atlanta, GA, May and June, 2010

        One-woman show, Peri Gallery, to benefit Murphy Harpst Children"s Centers, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 2007

        Two-woman show, C. G. Jung"s Journey Into Wholeness, Hendersonville, NC, 2006



        BODY DOUBLE, FERTILE, AAC Photographic Celebration, 2012

        JUSTIN THINKING, KEEP MOVING, juried into Southeastern Photography Society ACP Show, 2012

        FLOAT IT, ROSEHEADS, BEAUTIES-3 juried into the AAC Defoor Gallery Show, 2012

        SHY IRIS juried into the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art Design Showhouse, 2012

        PEONY GAZER, PALM FLARE, Southeastern Photography Society, Spring Show, 2012

        MARRIED THRICE, The Donnie Awards Show, Museum of Computer Art Gallery, New York, 2012; feature page of show catalogue

        STONE FLOWER 1/10, and YOU WILL (fused glass 1/1), Art Sandy Springs, Bows ArtSS, 2012

        DORMITORY and TEA PLEASE, National League of Pen Women, Third Annual Show, 2012

        Various works: Dunwoody Fine Arts Celebration, Dunwoody City Hall; Chamber of Commerce; Ravinia Gallery, 2012

        MINGO PHANTOMS, In Your Dreams, Atlanta Photography Group, 2011

        APINK, Rome Art Coterie National Show, 2011

        ONYXEYE selected for the 2nd Anniversary Show at the Museum of Computer Art Gallery, New York, New York, 2010; feature page of show catalogue

        BARN BONES and SEWANEE TURRET STAIRS, AAC Synchronicity Show, 2010

        WIFF 'N PUFF, In Your Dreams, Atlanta Photography Group; judge, Mark Karelson, owner, Mason Muir Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2010

        WIFF 'N PUFF, AAC Winners Circle, AAC, 2010

        PEONY EMBRYON, Fay Gold Selects, Atlanta Photography Group Show, 2009

        Juried into the Museum of Computer Art as featured artist, 2009

        Three images, The AAC Winners Circle, AAC, 2009

        Four works selected by Alan Avery, Alan Avery Art Co., On The Edge, Atlanta Photography Group, 2008

        TONSUN5, chosen as one of only 50, out of 1300, by George DeWolfe, Senior Editor for Camera Arts Magazine, The International Art of Digital Imagery, Center for Fine Art Photography, Denver, 2007

        DESERTFIRE chosen for FIAT LUX, national show, Cade Fine Arts Center Gallery, Washington D.C., juried by Stephen Bennett Phillips, who was curator for the Sean Scully show, at the Metropolitan Museum, New York, 2006

        CALADIUMTEARS8, Hot Images That Sizzle, Atlanta Photography Group, judged by Laurie Kratochvil, former photographer for Rolling Stone, 2006

        ONDENAGA chosen by American Juried Art Salon, and shown on the National Assoc. for Gallery Owners website

        Four images selected for C.G. Jung Society of Atlanta Newsletter, 2006



        Commissioned to produce three works for Mary and Martha"s Place, Inc., 2012

        Invited lecturer on the Fundamentals of Design in Photography, Southeastern Photography Society, August, 2012

        Twelve pieces of fused glass art at 2Rules Fine Art Gallery, Marietta, GA, "Colors of Summer Show," August, 2012

        "Take It or Make It! Altered Photography Redux," Southeastern Photography Society, 2012; Art League of Hilton Head, 2012

        "Take It or Make It! Altered Photography Redux," Speaking of Photography, Atlanta Photography Group, 2011

        Administrator/Judge for Fine Art America web site, ongoing

        Five images at the Seen Gallery, Think Red Exhibit, Decatur, GA, 2011

        Juried into the Atlanta Maker Faire, Georgia Tech, celebrating those who innovate and create, 2011

        Elected to Advisory Board, Museum of Computer Art, 2010

        Taught two-day photography class to teenagers at Murphy Harpst Children"s Home, Cedartown, GA, 2010

        Three articles published in Museum of Computer Art Journal, 2009, 2010

        Photo feature, Journeys International Newsletter, 2006, Vol.14, No.2

        American Mensa Magazine, two color covers, June, 1992; June, 1994

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