David Works


David Works, 56, lives in Rockville, Maryland. He holds a BA from Sonoma State University in California where he majored in art. Besides his computer art, he paints traditionally (witness the last three images in this exhibit). He tell us he is influenced by cave paintings, aboriginal art, primitive art and abstract expressionism. "I see what I do as a process of discovery...my work involves a lot of experimentation, randomness and chance. I am happy if a few pieces out of ten seem to work. The computer is a great 'medium' for this kind of'exploration'. I use Photoshop, Painter and Bryce as my primary tools, but am not an expert in any of them. I know just enough to keep trying various techniques, tools and filters." He says he is a "closet artist", with no exhibitions, a number of "give-aways" and just a few sales.

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Bird-like I