Lyric Abstraction
Alain Valet
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Alain Valet, 37, lives in his hometown of Arlon, Belgium. He is a poet and painter, and has been drawing digitally for several years. He also does china ink drawings, marble painting and wood sculpture, sometimes in collaboration with other artists. He works on and off the computer to create his digital art. He says, "I like to work on a series of images, beginning with a source image, manipulating, adding elements or filters, printing it, then collaging and scanning and working over the image with painting or china ink, then rescanning and manipulating again, isolating some details, then using this detail as a new source image... it is a never-ending graphic story, in which I'm never bored." He says his efforts "give birth to new images--a kind of lyric abstraction--in which the original motif gets drowned out or is integrated into a new creation." He uses Photoshop with the help mostly of Kaļ Power Tools, and uses his mouse to draw. His work is precise and exacting. The viewer can often gauge the merits of variations of the same image and motifs.

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