Alexander Sutulov

Equestrian series

Alexander Sutulov was born in Concepción, Chile, in 1962. He attended the Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo de Santiago, then studied and worked in the United States at the University of Utah and New Mexico University, and participated in art workshops and cooperatives. He returned to Chile in 1994, where he established the Atelier Alexander Sutulov. He has worked diversely in lithography, graphic design, sculpture, metals, murals and digital art. He has exhibited worldwide.

Sutulov writes that the first five works shown here are iconography based on equestrian bronzes designed for public, commercial and private digital mural installations. They were drawn in such programs as Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator and Freehand. The La Ola series is a mural installation for a digital art show. The preliminary sketches were prepared by hand as ink washes on film. The different stages represent an animation sequence.

Marcus Aurelius