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Lily E. Smernou
Study in Architecture Olympic Housing
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Lily E. Smernou calls her technique "constructed photography."

"While pursuing her doctorate in quantitative psychology in the early ‘80s, Lily Smernou was also embarking on creative quests that would later evolve into a full-time artistic career. Being immersed in computers throughout her scientific endeavors, Smernou continues to work with technological tools in her creative pursuits. Infinite compositional possibilities and the freedom to express her vision can be realized thanks to technology. Her psychological background offered a unique in-depth exposure to varied perspectives and concepts that ultimately surface in her work and allow viewers to be engaged at multiple levels.

"Studies in arts and sciences celebrates the rare, the unusual, and the fantastic. Born out of large number of photographic images, some of the works took years to be completed. Lily Smernou contrasts photographic discoveries of specimens from diverse fields such as botany and architecture, with invented forms and dreamt mechanisms. Working in the style of magic realism, Smernou constructs images that most often incorporate architectural elements, reflecting her primary architectural background. Physical layers devised to create depth along with inherent perception principles and symbolism, distinguish her work. Smernou creates images with narrative qualities, allowing viewers to project their own worlds into her works.

“My own wonder at the uniqueness and beauty of organic and man-made archetypes, and my fascination with the possibility of synthesizing new forms from existing matter, are the main impetuses for the series. Every image can become a point of departure for the viewer. Specimens, mysterious samplings, and fabrications intend to engage the viewers so they may reflect on the notions of illusion and reality, truth and fiction, beauty and novelty.”

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