Abstract and Expressionistic
Siff Skovenborg
Eye in Back
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Siff Skovenborg was born in Herning, Denmark. She has a degree in communiucations and pedogogy, and has practiced and taught massage therapy for several years. Besides digital art, her creative work has included painting, composing, acting, singing and writing poetry. She says, "My goal is to go with the flow in art making. I am trying not to be focused on ideas and mental restrictions. I do though use knowledge of composition in a later state ... So my aim is to let art come from a place beyond the conscious mind. This means in practice that when I start a new painting I do not know where to go or which kind of expression is going to come out of it. I simply start to put colour on paper or whatever comes to mind... The process is thereby intuitive Ė even though that is a term that does not really fit with my understanding of what is going on. In total, you can say that the conscious me hasnít got a clue as to what is going on." She defines her style as abstract and expressionistic.

The ten images included here were made in Photoshop with "full or partial use of stock photos."

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