Subconscious Worlds
Ondrej Rudavsky
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Ondrej Rudavsky is a renaissance artist. He works in a multitude of media outlets (film, animation, photography, video installation, digital art, illustration, graphic design, painting, jewelry, sculpture, costume design and music) all of which allow him to create a universe of compelling subconscious worlds that are both hypnotic and dream-like. He was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, into a family of three generations of artists. He studied fine art and graphics in Bratislava, then went on to study film animation at the University of Art in Prague. In 1986, he immigrated to America, where his drawings and illustrations appeared widely in a number of prestigious galleries. He has repeatedly been hired as an illustrator for the New York Times Book Review, his music videos have earned him an MTV and Grammy award, and his art has been included in the Venice Biennial. He has also written, directed and produced numerous short films.

His digital art is intricate, profound and surreal. One should especially note the brilliant draftsmanhip and the captivating symbols, tiny figures and connecting lines that haunt his art so persuasively.

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