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Dominic Rouse
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Dominic Rouse embodies his own photographs in his art, as if the image is a performance. Each image is a stage, as it were, laden with portraits, landscapes, body parts, nudes and the iconography of religion. His is a uniquely dark and powerful style, rendered without color and fraught with surrealist themes and motifs.

Rouse is English and has practiced for many years as a commercial and advertising photographer. He acknowledges as influences Franz Kafka, Philip Larkin and Friedrich Nietzsche, "with obeisance due to M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte." He describes his art as "attempts to convey anger, heartache, confusion and hatred (that most potent of emotional cocktails) and their antidotes: obsession and desire, the highest forms of which, despite the prison of our existence, somehow manage to prove that what will survive of us is love."

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