John Pangia


John Pangia writes, "My first taste of 'public acceptance' came in the mid '50's, when classmates started asking me, an eight year-old, to draw pictures on the front of their notebooks. I've had no formal training as such, but I've been 'making pictures' (as I call it) ever since. Everywhere I go, everything I see, my mind perceives as an image on canvas. The inspiration is all around, the lay of the land, the bark of a tree, the way the light filters through the leaves. At age 53, I still sit and just stare at the clouds."

John Pangia has a long history with oils, watercolors and photography. Now he does "digital finger painting" using a touchpad and such programs as in Poser, Bryce, Paint Shop Pro, Deep Paint, and Amorphium for 3-d effects. When asked to comment on his technique, he says, "It would take a very lengthy draft to describe the methods used in creating the images, since each seems to take on a life of its own and I wind up experimenting with new techniques in the middle of a project." In effect he is saying that each piece of digital art is done differently, which may be the experience of most digital artists.

There are 11 John Pangia artworks in this exhibit.