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Rory Walker

"I've been a professional illustrator and artist for the last 10 years, and have drawn numerous books and magazine features, album covers, posters and so on and so forth. My style is hand drawn with pen and ink then coloured digitally, so I hope that falls within the remit of computer artist.

"I do all the drawing using the most uncomputerised methods imaginable via a dip pen and ink on some paper, which is then scanned into Photoshop and coloured simply by dropping colours into different areas. To achieve the shading, I either - on large objects such as the sky - use the gradient tool, or more commonly in small areas I'll select the region with the magic wand tool, select the same colour using the colour picker, then shade using a soft edged paint brush set to "multiply". (I guess that previous sentence will only make sense if you know the various features and functions of Photoshop)."

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