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Tom Repasky

"Tom Repasky was born to an Ohio farm family in 1949. He entered a seminary when he was 13 years old with the intention of becoming a Catholic priest. That year, however, he died as a result of falling off a cliff, and his perception of life was irrevocably altered. After leaving the seminary, finishing high school, and being expelled from Kent State University three times, Tom moved to Los Angeles and entered the 'Monastery' (the field of electronics in the 1960's). He moved to Portland, Oregon in 1974, where he has made his home and continues to work as an electronics engineer.

"After his death experience, Tom's perception of himself and of physical 'reality' changed drastically. He awoke to a kaleidoscopic world of changing energy patterns formed and shaped by the intellect of the 'God Machine' known as humanity. Tom's art is a manifestation of his inner drive to explain the spectrum of spiritual reality in a visual format; hence his fascination with the interplay between light and shadow, color and form. Tom began painting with acrylics in the early seventies, moving to the digital medium in the early nineties. Using the computer to manipulate reality variables has opened a versatile and fascinating genre of expression to him. He has produced a prolific body of work (over 3000 images) since 1995. His images are an outpouring of his unique view of the Universe Within."

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