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Pavel Rehurek
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"Canadian artist of Czech origin, Pavel Rehurek wants to reach your heart. He accomplishes this by putting his own passionate art on paper with pigmented inks. His strong and memorable images are stimulating and provocative recollections of the physical freedoms we sacrifice by living busy lives.

"Rehurek's innate and skillful sense of colors and forms immediately capture the viewer's attention. His suspenseful, if not bizarre, figurative compositions and portraits are juxtaposed in unique subject orientations.

"He achieves his inimitable expression initially in the photographic stage. He then goes through the processes of cropping and alteration that enhances textures, colors and shapes. The final results are images that become tactile and desirable, easy to communicate with. Glimpses of Matisse and Warhol are fused with his own vision to culminate in the mastery of post-fauvist pop art realism.

"His background in portrait photography as well as his missionary work cannot be ignored. His photo based graphic art prints have been exhibited in galleries in Europe, Canada and the U.S. It is no surprise that Pavel Rehurek's work has found its way into many collections worldwide."

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