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Mirsad Mehulic
Boat c24
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"Mirsad Mehulic was born in 1950 in Zagreb. When he was a young student of economics, Mehulic was strongly attracted to painting. At first, the art expression of this gifted auto-didact was not more than a certain exposure, playfulness and an attempt to escape the monotony of everyday life. A keen approval of people in his surroundings, from art dealers to renowned painters defined more firmly his position and role in painting. A graduated economist, Mehulic soon came to an existential crossroad which he passed successfully, managing to reconcile the irreconcilable.

"What followed his successful career as a marketing expert, graphic designer and an entrepreneur, was his fruitful art work. In that parallel life that was more or less public, Mehulic was immersed in his personal vision of nature. It was concretized in the technique of oil on canvas and, more unconventional, oil on glass.

"Around 1990, the artist 'discovered' the technique of painting in water-colours and its finesses that he was developing meticulously in the following fifteen years. His earlier absorption in continental paysage was replaced by his fascination with water, rivers, lakes and particularly, sea waters, which he depicts in a duly realist manner.

"Mirsad Mehulic had exhibitions in Zagreb in 1974 (Likum- one man show) in 1984 and 1989, in Vienna in 1986, New York in 1986, Graz in 1990. His paintings can be found in several art galleries in New York and numerous private collections all over the world."

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