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Constantinescu Elena Lucia
HIGH UP AND DEEP DOWN (blue series)
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The artist Constantinescu Elena Lucia writes: "I am a scientist in cellular biology domain. I have come to digital art after many years of working with the microscope in my lab. I was always fascinated by the microworld and, using the image processing software for my micrographs, I was astonished by the countless possibilites offered by digital technology to express thoughts and feelings. And I started to draw… I have usually exposed my works on different specialized sites:,, Saatchi Gallery, Zazzle, etc."

"Two of my works were selected and exposed at the 2nd International Festival for NanoArt organized by NanoArt21 ( , hosted in Stuttgart, Germany by NAHVISION Institute for International Culture Exchange, between November 1st and November 30th, 2008. Most of my artwork are digital abstracts which contain – in background or in layers – specific elements from electronic or light microscopic images. Regarding the technique of the exposed works, I start with a traditional photo negative film, modifying it during the developping process, drying and scanning it at high resolution. The artistic concept is further finalized digitally, using different image processing software."