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Charline Lancel
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Charline Lancel, an artist photographer, filmmaker and designer. Born in Belgium in 1976, lives and works in Brussels. She states:

"Since my early childhood I have had an eye for the beauty of colors and harmony of shapes. After a career in film set design, I have decided to focus on my own artistic output. It's been three years now since I've devoted myself full time to producing visual art. I hope you like the minimalist and geometrical aspect of my work, informed by the art of Vasarely and Mondrian, but also by pop art and sci-fi universes? It's mathematical art and the calculations are made via computer, but based upon an indexical picture, taken from a real life subject with a digital camera. I do print my work on a combination of traditional photographic paper in between plexiglass plates (diasec), but I do also use the latest technology to imprint my art into the anodic layer of metal surfaces. The result is unlike anything you've seen, and highly durable. I'm self-taught and the works are sold progressively, as they are created. No exhibition is scheduled for now."

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