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Tutelage: University Of North Texas

Greatest Lesson Learned: Final Exam essay question - What is Art? Correct answer, “Art is”.

I am a traditional artist in sculpture, drawings and paintings as well as my new love, fine digital paintings.

I have won many awards for my art including Catholic Artist of the 80’s, seven awards from first place to honorable mention, (one in each category) at the “Texas State Fair Arts exhibition”, acceptance in the “North Texas Arts Guild Annual Exhibition”, a first and second place award for Art in the Park of Ashland Kentucky and a 1st place and honorable mention (including purchase awards) in the United States Tennis Association Fine Art Competition.

My art is a constantly changing and evolving study of life. Sometimes its reaches in and spews what is in the depths of my soul and sometimes it is a whimsical excursion into fantasyland. I incorporate images of my traditional art and photos in my digital paintings and sometimes it’s all done on the computer.

Art to me is a conversation between the artist and the viewer. I prefer my art to speak for its self. I enjoy letting people study my art and coming to their own conclusion about it. This is the most important part of the process of creating art for me, drawing people in.

Quote: “Isn’t Digital Art amazing? What a wonderful new way to express ourselves. Communication, communication, communication."


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