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Woody Hirsh
Bellagio Ceiling
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The small image at the bottom is what I started with to create the larger image on top. I usually start by duplicating the image, flopping it and mirroring them. Then using Photoshop and some plug-ins I end up with what you see here. You can see textures and details in the end product that came from the original. You may notice that in "Dog Face", The "cheeks" are the body and hind leg from the original. In "Swami" the white flower is mirrored in the swami's body. I like to think of it as something like looking for Hirshfeld's name that he incorprated into the image he did for the front page of the SUNDAY NEW YORK TIMES theater section. Looking for them was almost as much fun as reading the Sunday comics. I hope you enjoy them...or at least one of them.