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Bernd Dreilich
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"I'm 36 years old, living in Cologne, Germany. I have a degree as a social-worker and master of arts in social services administration. I'm working with mentaly disordered people in my community, who suffer from mental diseases like schizophrenia, manic depression or personality disorders (known as borderline), helping them to live their lives as normal and independent as possible in their own homes and their neighbourhoods. My art is in some way influenced by my work and the things I witnessed throughout it. I'm trying to express inner feelings and wondering how subconciousness influences the process of making art. That's why I love surrealism and the concept of it. I can't paint, have no knowledge of how to draw and no kind of education in art. That's why I use photomanipulation. My favourite artist around MOCA is Werner Hornung and I think his style is still unreached."