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Dieter Bruhns
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" write about a just-made sequence of images, involved in composition - forms - color - line, thoughts about room, mirroring, resulting results. To show some new ways, accompanied by some kind helping friends this time along, that changes a lot, covers unclothed with patina, crumbles but does not quit.

"Precondition of specially my handling digital collages is aside from minimal technic, space and time, clean towel supply, always a certain amount of bothering from outside. Harmony in this case would be killing the process. Nothing doing delivers no ideas. Taking my pick is a kind of chaos...

"Title torsi metamorphysici goes around the motive of changing: pieces apprehending on a level, the dilettante is searching for verity, gives it a shape, that is changing to dust immediately, or like seed on a field growing in a brain, thriving and prospering, delivering fruits, or...

"The procedure is different. Structure in the small is mirroring in the big. Not to search a shape..."